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NrXen is a young company, focused on offering cutting edge technology to our targeted segment. Our solutions use GPS, RFID and Video Surveillance technologies. Solutions have both hardware and software components. They are designed to address the specific use cases of the industry. These solutions make it much more convenient for administrators to manage their business, add to the safety measures for end users and also add reduces safety concerns to an extent for business’s customers/employees.

All our solutions are smart mobility solutions that can be accessed from anywhere anytime. Along with our leading OEM partners, we are able to offer a proven and reliable product with unmatched technical support, quality of service, and an extra edge necessary for effective management of your business affairs.

Few of the our solutions are showcased below. Along with these standard offerings, we work closely with our clients in consultative mode, to help them with unique business use cases.

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Our Solutions

We have solutions that specifically address the unique safety use cases of educational institutes and large corporates with large fleets. We have worked with large organizations to get unique insight and feedback. We have applied that to all the solutions. Our solutions are

Advanced Tracking Solution

Real time GPS based asset tracking and SMS/app based proximity alerts to keep every stakeholder in loop, advanced reports for action

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Vehicle Video Surveillance

Specialized eNayan series of high performance mDVRs and HD cameras , ruggedized for vehicular usage

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Smart Contactless Onboarding/Deboarding

RFID based smart contactless Onboarding/Deboarding solution with SMS intimation

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Super Convenient Contactless Attendance

RFID based Hi-Tech Gate Readers to automatically record student's attendance

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