Within a short span of time, NrXen is fortunate to associate with some of the leading educational institutions. Our successful client stories are shared below:

Client Story 1

Large K-12 institute In Eastern Kolkata: The institute has a large fleet of more than 100 school buses. The client was already using a tracking solution for the entire transportation vehicle which claimed to have similar features as ours. But in reality it failed to report the parents and school authorities about the precise location and status of the school bus. Since the customer had already used a tracking solution which left a bitter taste in his mouth he wanted to do a comprehensive evaluation of our solution for few weeks. Once he was fully convinced, we started working as partners. We are providing smart tracking solution and video surveillance for his complete fleet.


Client Story 2

Large K-12 institute In West Kolkata: The institute has a fleet of 25+ school buses. The client was very keen on using mobility management and tracking solution to ensure improved safety of the students. After careful consideration and detail analysis of the value proposition our solutions could bring to their operations they decided to choose us as their technology partner over others. Besides providing them tracking solution for all the vehicles we helped them to digitize their operations.


Client Story 3

Large K-12 institute In North Kolkata: The institute has a fleet of 100+ school buses. The client’s existing solution couldn’t match up with their expected standard of service, so they were looking for an alternative solution capable of providing desired safety features.
We worked with them, helped them by monetizing their existing investment and provided them state of art mobility solution, easy user interface to ease administration further.