NrXen works as a professional advisor helping its customers figure out suitable solution to match up with their requirements.

Our solutions help organizations to:

  • Manage their organization better with actionable information
  • Streamline their communication with different stakeholders
  • Add to the safety of end users with innovative solutions

Our responsibilities does not end with just suggesting the right solution for our customers. We go a step further and help in installing, procuring, migration, and regular usage of the solution. Our solutions go beyond plain vanilla usage of technologies, and add several layers of intelligence to aid business operations. We are working closely with our partners to provide solutions listed below and are rapidly expanding our solution portfolio to address other organizational challenges.
We are focusing on following customers:

  • Educational Institutes
  • Customers requiring Fleet Management
  • Smart City

Our focused technology solutions are as follows:

  • Smart Tracking and monitoring solution for moving assets
  • Video Surveillance
  • RFID based attendance management system

1Advanced Tracking Solution

NrXen works as a professional advisor helping its customers figure out suitable solution to match up with their requirements.

We are listing our products usage as per our focused industries below

A. Educational Institutions:

Our advanced tracking and monitoring solution helps in precise real time tracking of school vehicles, and gives management overview of all the vehicles fitted with our tracking device, both on web based console and smart-phone app. The myriad ways in which Parents and school authorities can be benefited.. Read More

2Vehicle Video Surveillance:

Risk reduction, public safety, and incident management are some of the many challenges that transit operators face today. It is here that new breakthroughs in digital technology come to play an instrumental role. Benefits of video surveillance solution are as follows:-

  • Enables you to track vehicle movement in real time
  • Live video streaming and digital video recording systems ensures safety for passengers and drivers.
  • Monitor on-board activity from anywhere
  • Cameras installed in school premises or school buses bring your children whereabouts at your finger tips. Our Video surveillance system acts as a third eye on your child and helps in identifying driver safety issues, vandalism, bullies, and student discipline problems.
  • Recorded video feed provide evidence for quick identification of the miscreant and serves as a critical deterrent for any kind of mischief. Concerned authority can immediately connect and take corrective action… Read More

3Super Convenient Contactless Attendance:

This is advanced solution for attendance management and real time view of students and staff at institute campus. In this solution, students and staff members wear a smart ID card. Sophisticated Gate Readers or show and go readers are placed at strategic points. Whenever the readers detect a smart card(In gate readers when they pass through it, In show and go readers they need to bring it closer to Reader), the information is sent to the management software for processing. SMS for entry and exit of students is sent to parents(if desired). Authorities can view all the detected smart cards from their mobile/computer, for accurate picture of people in the campus. If required, they can see the older records to scrutinize a particular card for exact timings of entry/exit… Read More

4Smart Contactless Onboarding/Deboarding:

RFID based smart contactless Onboarding/Deboarding solution with SMS intimation..Read More